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SSH Access Without IP Public from Mobile Phone or Computer

SSH Access Without IP Public from Mobile Phone or Computer

Now u can remotely access SSH shell from your computer or mobile phone (or you can call it Smartphone) by installing robotito in your Raspberry Pi or your Debian Box you can access SSH just from Google Talk anywhere anyfrom.
I made a script (tested on my raspian OS in Raspberry Pi) so u can easyly install robotito. this is the steps
1. Open Shell Command or u can call it Terminal, go to your home folder, Download installer script by command :
it will save to you home folder ~ (e.g /home/pi)

2. after that running the script by entering command :
sudo ./robotito

3. and then you can edit file credentials.rb in config folder if robotito using your gtalk account and save it by pressing ctrl+x and y . Default is using nano editor.

4. running the robotito in robotito folder by command
./jabbershd start

5. done you can use now from any google talk client, dont forget to add robotito gtalk account to your google talk account and test it with chatting each other before using the account.

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2 responses to “SSH Access Without IP Public from Mobile Phone or Computer

  1. Morten Wegelbye Holm 29 Agustus 2013 pukul 6:06 pm

    s/SSH/Remote/g … this guide does not provide the features that is actually commonly understood by ssh.

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